Healthy lifestyle is not just right choices of what you intake, it goes hand in hand with physical activities & sports. Bio Drinks support projects that promote health-benefiting projects.

Our goal is to raise awareness about healthy dieting, juicing and staying fit. We collaborate with local & international sport & fitness clubs as they share our philosophy.

Our most successful collaborations include the 'Down for Health' program with TriSprots fitness brand, Málaga Basketball School sponsorship & the 'Food for Good' international summit.

Collab Reviews

  • David Ross "As TriSports fitness trainer, I highly recommend bd as a healthy alternative to various sweet drinks! "
  • Jesus Sierra "We've been partnering with Bio Drinks for two years, the healthiest and fittest years our company can recall."
  • Tiara Ojos "Thanks to bd for the fantastic collaboration and the great opportunities provided to our Basketball School."
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