Bio Drinks Made Delicious

Bio Drinks is an all-vegan business project founded in Málaga, Costa del Sol. Based on the international Vegetariano movement that promotes a healthier, more sustainable nutrition. We specialize in processing fresh fruit directly from orchards and know exactly how to provide quality and healthy drinks.

To preserve the essences of the fruits and vegetables, we make use of progressive preparation techniques,that retain all the minerals and vitamins of the ingredients. bd cooperates with local organic farms and bio markets.

bd is not just about your favourite drinks that taste good, it's a helthy life philosophy that starts from the right beverage choices. The perfect skin, heathy glow and weight loss are just results, the outer reflection of our inner health. 

An exceptional flavour and helth benefits of various combinations, that's what is important to us and our clients. Natural way of boosting your energy and metabolizm is achieved through a wise blend of highly selective organic products and their preservation.

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Certificates and reviews

  • BIO Generation " 'HealthPro' certificate talks about a quality control system throughout the entire production process, superior standards guaranteed!"
  • FW Organization "bd is focused on making healthy choices for their customers, that's praiseworthy! 'Customer Choice 2017' "
  • Sol Fitness "We opt for bd drinks all the year round due to the amazing taste, service and fast delivery."
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